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Enjoy podcasts with Tsacdop.

Tsacdop is a podcast player developed with flutter, a clean, simply beautiful and friendly app, only support Android right now.

Credit to flutter team and all involved plugins, especially webfeed and Just_Audio.

The podcasts search engine is powered by ListenNotes.


  • Subscriptoin group management
  • Playlist support
  • Sleep timer
  • OMPL file export and import
  • Auto syncing in background
  • Listen and subscribe history record
  • Dark mode / Accent color personalization
  • Download for offline playing

More to come…


Tsacdop is licensed under the GPL V3.0 license.



Tsacdop is using ListenNotes api 1.0 pro to search podcast, which is not free. So I can not expose the api key in the repo. If you want to build the app, you need to create a new file named .env.dart in lib folder. Add below code in .env.dart.

final environment = {"apiKey":"APIKEY"};

You can get own api key on RapidApi, basic plan is free to all, and replace “APIKEY” with it. If no api key added, the search function in the app won’t work. But you can still add podcasts by serach rss link or import ompl file.

Getting Started

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