This is an open-source non-commercial repo of music player that is built with flutter. This app is just my sight on how UI/UX in music apps should be. Currently I am building it only for Android

Some conventions that I use when I write my application can be found in README_CONVENTIONS.md file


In plans

  • Albums and artists grouping support
  • More extended playlist capabilities
  • Full media buttons and maximum devices support
  • Desktop widgets
  • Desktop context menu
  • Open music files with player
  • Flexible personalization settings
  • Exif-data editor
  • Integration with some music API (lyrics, album arts, etc., maybe even machine learning)
  • Color the interface based on the album art

How to run Flutter in GitPod

After GitPod workspace creation the flutter pub get and flutter doctor should run, wait before they complete and ensure that all has installed correctly.


  1. [ON YOUR PC] Connect the device to your PC with adb via local networkConnect the device with USB and run the following two commandsadb tcpip <PORT> adb connect <DEVICE_IP>:<PORT>
  2. [ON YOUR PC] Install ngrok and runngrok tcp <DEVICE_IP>:<PORT>
  3. [IN GITPOD] Copy ngrok ip and port, they go after tcp://, and then runadb connect <NGROK_IP> flutter run

P.S. If you will then want to build it on your local machine, you should run adb uninstall "com.nt4f04und.sweyer" to uninstall the debug app completely, because the build licenses won’t match and the following builds will fail.